Foley bulb, intra-uterine pressure catheter, cholestasis, IUGR.. so many new words added to your vocabulary during what is supposed to be a blissful time in life?! No need to fret, we chat about all of these things during your prenatal education that will fill your little doula toolbox full of information, should you need to utilize it. We will check every box from hospital inductions, medications, interventions, pain relief - medicated or unmedicated options, hand on techniques, relaxation and movement options in all scenarios. 

I know this whole thing can seem intimidating, the feeling of unknown territory terrifies us, while simultaneously giving us all the excitement too. There's still plenty of room for happiness, being involved in your health care, your birth planning, and all of the postpartum bliss. I will help you to find those snippets of joy & relief. I will guide you to know which questions to ask your care provider, and how to mediate those in-depth conversations. I will be there to support you and your birth partner as well as teaching how to be that support person you desire and envision during your birth experience. 

you got this.

it can seem scary & Unknown but...


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Think of it like having that favorite nurse, that you just loved so much - and then she leaves at shift change a few hours later.. Adding a doula to your birth team is giving you that consistent relationship, comfort, humor, education, and your biggest hype girl in the labor room! Your grounding center, your partner's back board to allow them to feel confident in the way they are supporting you. 

Having a doula is a wonderful way to support you both though - emotional, educational, physical, advocacy, guidance, positive and empowering all wrapped into one.  

what does a doula do?