I pride myself on being an evidence-based doula, and support whatever your goals and vision may be. I am here to offer guidance, alternatives, understanding pros/cons, next steps forward, and all the in-between for your birth experience.  I have been told I have hands of velvet when it comes to counter-pressure and relaxation massages, and that my grounding voice and birth affirmation support during contractions are a highlight that they always remember. 

Hi! I'm so happy to meet you here, as hard as this is I am going to chat about myself for a minute.. 
I have been a doula for nearly 7 years in the OKC metro area, and more widely utilized in the Newborn & Birth industry as a whole for 4 years now. It is such a blessing to be involved in such intimate spaces with my clients and their families, even for years afterwards!


a little bit about

I have a precious (and WILD) two year old girl, and she loves seeing all the pictures of babies for "mama's work." Kallie and I have some of the best times together! Living room dance parties, cake pop dates, matching outfits, neighborhood walks, Minnie Mouse watching, and moon gazing is just a small glimpse into our lives. We have Macy girl, my 9 year old Great Pyrenees that we are total besties with, even if she gets annoyed with us interrupting her naps! You'll always hear stories about my girls, I am just smitten with them both!