* Do you accept payment plans?

* Do you only support clients that desire an unmedicated labor?

* Do I still need to take a childbirth education class?

* Do you do any of the photography or doula services separately without a bundled package? 

* Do you help me make a birth plan?

* Do you accept Health Savings or Flexible Spending plans?

Yes! I have several options for payment plans. 

Either way! More education and support never hurts, we will have a prenatal appointment together to discuss planning, comfort measures, interventions, pain relief, etc. I have an amazing doula-friend that teaches a very in-depth childbirth class that some of my clients have utilized and loved too! 

I support all births! My goal is to support you however your goal and vision aligns. I have many clients that just want to feel involved in their birth planning during pregnancy, and have an empowering experience - medication or not. I support C-sections regularly as well!

I can accept HSA/FSA accounts! 

Yes! I offer all services stand-alone, or bundled packages as well.

Yes! I use a platform called Motherboard Birth that allows you and your partner to create this together as well as self-educate through the process as it is very informative on each evidence based topic.

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